What we do for you...

Want a smart way to boost your company's profitability? Go for pre-owned! Why invest in new, expensive machinery when used equipment in good condition does exactly the same job – at huge savings? 

This has been our philosophy since 1989. We've built up a strong reputation for global purchase, sale and procurement of pre-owned machinery. In addition, we are member of the German Association of Machine and Tool Wholesalers (FDM) – Used Machinery Group, and are therefore in the forefront of the latest developments and market trends in the used technology sector. 

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians is always on the lookout for the ideal pre-owned machinery for every need – including yours! We make use of our vast database and close-knit purchasing network around the globe to promptly deliver exactly what our customers require. 

All the machinery on display in our 2600 sqm²-plus showroom space can be inspected and tested "live". On request, your chosen equipment can be given a final check by the manufacturer before we deliver it to you. 

And to make sure you have the space for your new purchases, we're happy to buy the machines you no longer need.

Used is the new "new" – join the trend!